Low-emission supply of city centers by using electric trucks

The delivery of goods, especially for local residents in city centers (e.g. pedestrian zones), can become a burden. Primarily supermarkets or bakeries are already supplied early in the mornings through loosened store-closing laws – even on Sundays. The disturbances are caused not only by the noises of the arrival and departure of trucks but also by the smell of gasoline and diesel exhausts.

Development of new logistics concepts using electromobility

The GeNaLog consortium develops new concepts and business models for a low-noise and low-emission supply of city centers through the use of electric trucks and by changing and expanding existing distribution concepts. To address all participants with the new concept of „silent night logistics“, partners from discount, food retail markets, and a wholesale of fruit and vegetables are included.

Competitive advantages for logistics companies

The involved companies REWE, DOEGO and TEDi will apply the concept of „silent night logistics“ directly in their internal processes. The use of electric vehicles will allow night deliveries, which increases the time slot for the transportation and delivery of goods. The companies enhance the economic efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint within the material flow and the supply chain and thereby improve the competitive position within the market. Through a temporal distribution of transports throughout day and night, the trips per day are also reduced, which allows an adjustment of the size of the vehicle fleet. This contributes to a reduction of distribution costs.